Mostly Misunderstood
She’s the source of all confusion
Especially to her father
She came here on a star
By the speed of a light
It’s pretty clear that what she is
Ain’t a bit like what they ordered
Cause, everything she says and does
Just ain’t quite right
So, she’s mostly quite and she’s mostly good
Just not what they expected
And mostly misunderstood
She hides behind the face
Of a beautiful girl
Too afraid to reveal all she knows
And suspicions started rising
That she just ain’t from this world
But there’s no place else she’s finding
Where she belongs
She lives with her loneliness
Confuses her mother
She plays in a room
She’s has built on a prayer
Conversations with angels
And a few nameless others
Confuse and distract her
From the pain she can’t bare
God knows she’s a woman
So they’ll have to come a time
When her innocence is broken
And she leaves them all behind
See, visions can be fleeting
Apparitions have their flaws
When the angels begin leaving
And the world bursts through her door
But she’s still mostly good
And her beauty takes her far
She appears to have most everything
To someday be a star
She’s ahead of her time
The best of your past
See, she’ll leave you behind
With a memory to last
Yeah, she’s so unforgettable
She’ll love you really good
But, you’ll never truly know her
Cause, she’s barely understood
Mostly misunderstood, mostly misunderstood
She’s mostly quiet and she’s mostly good
Just not what you expected
And mostly misunderstood
Yeah, she’s mostly quite and she’s mostly good
But, she keeps herself protected
And she’s mostly still misunderstood